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Learn a FOOL-PROOF PROCESS of taking control of your life, your career, & being a whole lot happier along the way

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"Erin does such a great job helping take the emphasis off of the auditions and the roles and put the emphasis on the most important thing - YOU! Building yourself up, gaining confidence, cultivating your interests and finding value in YOURSELF, not finding value in whether or not you got the call-back or the gig."

Courtney Slater Thomas

"My favorite module was the one on neuroplasticity and being able to change your brain and your whole mindset. You have to put the work in just like you do with the craft of acting, but it is so worth it and I am so excited now to go into auditions with these new mindsets. I am going to use this for all areas of my life and it will be a life long practice. The possibilities for me seem endless using this simple mindset technique."

Devney Nixon

"The most valuable part of this workshop is that I got a mentor through this process. Mentors are not to be treated lightly. They aren't easy to find. When you have someone you value and values you just as much, you learn from each other, you grow together, God it's the most amazing feeling ever. I love that and I'm forever grateful for the things I've learned within the workshop too but Erin Elizabeth Burns is simply amazing. Thank you Erin... for being YOU."

Breana Cymone

"Erin has created something unique here, that you’re not going to find anywhere else. Erin pushes you to dive into the inner workings of your brain to identify a new path, set new ways of thinking, and accomplish your goals in a more positive light. This workshop forces you to think about where you are in life, whether you’re on track or not, and how to make positive changes to align yourself to your true self over time. She has truly changed the way I approach not only acting, but every aspect of my life. I believe that this workshop should not just be for Actors, because it’s so much more than that. "

Tiffany Jane

"Everything Erin teaches you can be applied to both acting and your personal life. Erin gives you the tools to enhance your life, look at things more positively and make life as a whole a more enjoyable experience. Erin is brilliant. I trust her. I respect her. I admire her. I appreciate and admire her strength in sharing her personal stories so that everyone else can learn and grow from her."

Kourtney Shales

"This workshop is what I called actors therapy, it’s for you to talk about your work and ask the questions you want to ask. You will NOT feel left out or dumb if you ask any questions because I think most of us have these questions and just don’t want to ask. And the best part is, it’s all online and you can do it by your own pace, because I know there are a lot of people like myself that are ALWAYS busy."

Mary Tabor

Fair Warning...

...I’m gonna get real, I’m gonna get raw, I’m not going to sugar-coat things to pad your ego, I’m here to disrupt your ego, I’m here to get you to completely change your mindset about your career & that’s not going to happen if you’re closed off or unwilling to change. So consider me your alignment coach…I’m here to teach you how to become perfectly aligned with who you really are, and who you really are is a kind, beautiful, spirited, motivated, passionate human being who just so happens to be called into the field of acting…you & I are really the same, the only difference might be is that I’ve gone down some dark paths to figure out how to get myself here. My hope for you is that you can learn from my mistakes & my struggles and you can get there much faster than I have.


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