Worst Title ever....BEST Workshop Ever!

Learn how I came from anorexia, depression, & almost quitting acting to being healthy, happy, & thriving in my life & career 

  • 4 Weeks of Online Lessons delivered every Monday morning                                
  • Private Facebook group to build community with your classmates                      
  • "Friday Lunch with Erin" Q & A on Facebook Live every Friday                              
  • Exclusive Casting Director Interviews & Bonus Material                              
  • Downloadable Worksheets for every lesson                                                                  
  • After-lesson Downloadable Audio Encouragement                                                            
  • 6 Months Access to complete course

  • How to Let Go of the Outcome of your Auditions
  • How to Maintain your Happiness whether you Book or Not
  • How to Stop Pleasing Everyone Else 
  • How to make You your First Priority
  • How to get Industry Knowledge for Free
  • How to do your Best Work in Auditions 




~With ACTORS & MONEY, you'll learn Everything you need to know about Money in 14 Days & how to become a Millionaire by investing only $2000/yr for 7 years! 


~With COLD READ CRASH COURSE, you'll learn how to make Quick choices, Connect to your reader Without Memorizing, & Let go of the Outcome


~With MONOLOGUE MAYHEM, you'll learn Where to find the Best Monologues, how to create a Truthful scene by Yourself, & how to find your "Scene Partner"

**As with most Acting Classes, there are NO REFUNDS for this workshop.  I want to work with actors who NEED this work.  Listen to your intuition, it will always guide you to make the right decision.  Thank you for understanding.**

So let’s spend the next few weeks laughing together, soul-searching together, maybe even crying together, & we’ll learn a FOOL-PROOF PROCESS of taking control of our lives, our careers, & being a whole lot happier along the way!


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